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Highest Prices Paid for Your Junk Car

Buying Junk Cars in Atlanta GA, Today!

Get the most for your car!

With fast transactions and simple paperwork, Cash for My Junk Car Atlanta is the leading junk car buyer in the Atlanta area. We specialize in getting you the highest price for your junk car, putting money in your pocket within an hour. And if you’re driving a Ferrari, that amount might be quite a lot! Did you know the most expensive car ever sold at auction was a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder? Some lucky owner was paid $10,894.900 for that one. And we’re guessing he traded it in for something really special.

Cash Within An Hour for Your Junk Vehicle

Buying Junk Cars in Atlanta GA, Today!

Get your cash fast!

Here at Cash for My Junk Car Atlanta, we’ll buy anything-and give you cash within an hour for it. We see it all-from cars damaged in auto accidents to those with extensive wear and engines that fired up for the last time during the Nixon administration. So we’re always interested in unusual car facts, given our industry. For example, did you know four out of the five cars that appreciate the most within the used car marketplace have an S in their names? Jaguar S Type, Volvo S40, Volvo 580 and Audi S4. But you can rest easy. Whatever you’re driving (or whatever’s parked gathering dust and leaking oil in your driveway), Cash for My Junk Car Atlanta will purchase from you FAST!